Method cold forming parts

Hi-tech in a rustic setting

A high level of resistance and energyefficient machining – these are just two of the countless benefits of solid cold forming. Our fastening elements are machined without cutting. This offers tangible benefits compared to cutting CNC machining.

The basic material – the wire – is machined in a strand. When machined in a cold state, the original structure of the wire remains intact. The fibres are not destroyed because the material is compressed in a cold state. This means that the elements to be machined have an even higher level of resistance, up to class 6.8.
CNC milling causes sharp edges which can suffer from notching. In these areas, the material is weakened and cannot support such high loads.



Method cold forming partsComparison of structural course (from left to right):
Wire as basic material, CNC-milled turned part, cold-formed extrusion part




Maintaining the structure
Improved material properties
Material saved
Efficiency increased

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